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Winview 2.0 - Industrial IoT Web App Redesign

2 Months
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Empowering engineers with smart data management


Winview 2.0 is a web-based software tool designed for engineers working in heavy equipment manufacturing. It provides real-time monitoring and data management capabilities for mechanical equipment.

Ingkle, Inc.

Ingkle is a South Korean company that specializes in providing industrial IoT solutions to manufacturing and environment companies worldwide.


The previous version of Winview had complex interfaces and data management environments which made it difficult for many manufacturing engineers to effectively interact with the software. This resulted in inefficiencies and a lack of practical solutions for managing data.

Users & Audience

The target users for Winview 2.0 are manufacturing engineers who work with heavy equipment. The audience is companies in the manufacturing and environment industries worldwide who are looking for efficient and user-friendly industrial IoT solutions.

Roles & Responsibilities

As the lead designer on this project, I was responsible for creating user-friendly interfaces and features for manufacturing engineers, based on their use of data management, their working environment, and the challenges they faced. I also led the team in implementing an interactive interface design to provide an advanced data management system and converting the software from a single platform to a cross-platform service to improve usability and accessibility for all users.

Scope & Constraints

The scope of this project was to redesign the Winview web app to improve usability and provide practical solutions for data management. The constraints of the project were to maintain the existing functionality of the software while also improving the user experience.

Outcomes & Lessons

The project was a success and the client launched a product based on our design, which attracted 3.3 billion won in PreA series investment in March 2022. The number of employees of the client side also grew from two to about 30. One lesson learned from this project was the importance of understanding the user's needs and working environment to create a successful redesign.

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Project Process



Collect data by researching the market, users, mission, cultures, values, competitors, products and services.



Analyze data collected to identify strengths and weakness, attributes, opportunities and leverage points.



Define brand positioning, essence, core values, mission and architecture



Rapid prototyping, user-testing, set design principles, design UI elements, design touch-points, and iterate.

For more about the design process, please contact me separately.


Tony Baek
Leader, Designer @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Heather Lee
Design Researcher @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Alvin Kim
Visual Designer @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Jaecheon Kim
CEO @ Ingkle, Inc.
Yunchan Cho
Senior Software Engineer @ Ingkle, Inc.
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