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UNIPIA — Designing a Mobile App for College Students

3 Months
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Designing for Student Success — "Your Next System for College Life"


Unipia is a college-life app that helps students streamline their schedules, calculate GPA, and connect with their school community.



How might we create a solution that streamlines college life for students by helping them effectively organize their school schedules, personalize their calendars, manage their grades, and safely share their academic experiences with their school community?

Users & Audience

College students seeking a solution to streamline their academic organization, communication, and grade management

Roles & Responsibilities

Managed full-cycle design process including market research, user interviews, wireframing, user testing, visual design, and documentation for a project as a team leader, including communication with clients and developers.

Scope & Constraints

Deliver an MVP in 3 months, starting from a blank slate, including market research, wireframing, user testing, and design documentation, with added community features based on user interviews and market research, despite some calendar features being cut due to time constraints, meeting the client's needs.

Outcomes & Lessons

Successfully designed and launched an education-optimized scheduling system with a personalizable, accessible user interface and data visualization tool for college students to manage and monitor their academic performance, learning the importance of incorporating both functionality and personalization in the design process through user testing and feedback gathering.

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Project Process



Defined project scope, timeline, budget, and key features for the MVP release with the client.



Conducted market research and user interviews to gather insights on college student needs and determine desired features and functionality of the app.



Defined the key features of the app and created low-fidelity wireframes based on the findings from the market research and user interviews.


User Testing

Conducted user testing with 6 American college students using popular calendar apps and analyzed recordings to gather feedback and identify problems with wireframes.



Designed basic brand identity elements and high-fidelity UI components, considering design principles and responsive design, and combining UI components to create pages with a focus on improving the user experience of the app.



Built style guides and design systems, documented design specifications in Zeplin, and provided icons and extensions for easy implementation by the development team.

For more about the design process, please contact me separately.


Tony Baek
Leader, Designer @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Julie Lee
Designer @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Donghyeok Kim
Thomas Hwang
CEO @ SunnyvaleDev
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