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Designing for Inclusivity: An Accessible Pattern Library for Data Visualization

3 Weeks
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Improving Data Visualization Accessibility with Pattern Library Design

Data Viz Pattern Library

A pattern library designed to make data visualization accessible to those with color blindness, using patterns instead of colors.


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Problem Statement: Many users, particularly those with color blindness, have difficulty interpreting information from charts and data visualizations that rely on color-coding. Design Challenge: To create an accessible pattern library for data visualization that allows users with color blindness to effectively interpret and understand information presented in charts and graphs.

Users & Audience

Target Users: Individuals with color blindness who have difficulty interpreting information from charts and data visualizations. Audience: The design community and organizations that use data visualization as a way of communicating information, especially those organizations with a strong commitment to accessibility and user-centered design.

Roles & Responsibilities

Conducting research on color blindness and data visualization / Converting data visualization color palette to patterns for accessibility / Creating and documenting an accessible pattern library for data visualization / Collaborating with design team and ensuring alignment with accessibility standards / Presenting solution to stakeholders and iterating on design for usability.

Scope & Constraints

Project scope: Convert existing data visualization color palette into patterns for accessibility for users with color blindness. / Constraints: Limited user research data and demographic information about target user group, and novel implementation of geometric patterns for accessibility.

Outcomes & Lessons

The outcome of this project was a Accessible Data Visualization Pattern Library with geometric patterns that can be used as an alternative to colors. The lessons I learned include the importance of considering accessibility when designing data visualizations and the need to consider technical feasibility when implementing new solutions.

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Project Process



Understanding the accessibility need and user problem related to color blindness and difficulty in understanding charts



Investigating existing data visualization color palette



Exploring and prototyping different pattern options as a replacement for color



Iterating on the design and testing for technical feasibility



Documenting Implementation for the final chosen pattern into the pattern library

For more about the design process, please contact me separately.


Tony Baek
UX/UI Design Intern, Design Systems @ ServiceNow, Inc.
Andrea Perry (Review)
Sr. Manager, Design Systems @ ServiceNow, Inc.
Makiko Kanzaki (Review)
Sr. Staff UX Designer, Design Systems @ ServiceNow, Inc.
Hans Sichart (Review)
Design Principal, Design Systems @ ServiceNow, Inc.
Wade Fong (Review)
Design Principal, Design Systems @ ServiceNow, Inc.
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