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Self04 : Self-interior Work eXperience

9 Weeks
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Spend less and thrive more in your unique space.


Self04 is a platform launched by Vabillion that allows the public to easily transform their space without having to have expertise in interior construction.

Vabillion, Inc.

Vabilion, Inc. is a Korean interior builder who has been well received by many people for its cutting-edge construction techniques and excellent interior design.


Many people who want to decorate indoor spaces have no professional knowledge of interior construction, so they have difficulty setting their own reasonable cost standards and finding suitable professionals.

Users & Audience

Roles & Responsibilities

Scope & Constraints

Outcomes & Lessons

Users can choose the right interior materials based on budget and style, and create a great space at a reasonable cost with certified designers and engineers on the Self04 platform.

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Project Process

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For more about the design process, please contact me separately.


Tony Baek
Leader, Designer @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Alvin Kim
Visual Designer @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Myungsoo Seol
CEO @ Vabillion, Inc.
Seulgi Park
Manager @ Vabillion, Inc.
Gyungtae Shin
CEO @ SINEST Corporation
Chanhyuck Park
Senior Software Engineer @ SINEST Corporation
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