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OAE Stream — Broadcasting Software Design

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Broadcasting the rhythm of people and space.

OAE Stream

OAE Stream is a professional software that automates and broadcasts voice messages for communities such as companies, schools, institutions, and apartments.

OAE Electronics, Inc.

OAE Electronics is a South Korean company that specializes in developing and supplying ICT convergence systems, including telecommunication devices, wireless communication systems, and natural disaster warning systems to administrative agencies.


Many voice broadcast managers in organizations find it challenging to manage a large number of receivers. They need to selectively transmit voices according to time, content, and groups, but the current process is complicated and has unnecessary visual complexity and workflow.

Users & Audience

The primary users of OAE Stream are voice broadcast managers in organizations who need to manage a large number of receivers. The secondary audience includes employees and members of the community who receive the broadcasted messages.

Roles & Responsibilities

My responsibilities included conducting user research, creating wireframes and prototypes, and designing the final visual interface. I also worked closely with the development team to ensure the design was implemented correctly.

Scope & Constraints

The scope of the project included designing a user-friendly interface for managing and broadcasting voice messages, as well as creating a visual representation of the status of recipients and equipment. The constraint was to ensure the design was intuitive and easy to use for the target audience.

Outcomes & Lessons

The outcome of the project was a visually stunning and intuitive interface that made managing a large number of receivers more manageable. The lessons learned from this project were the importance of conducting thorough user research, and the value of creating a visual representation of data.

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Project Process

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For more about the design process, please contact me separately.


Heather Lee
Design Researcher @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Tony Baek
Leader, Designer @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Han Sang
Lead Product Development @ OAE Electronics, Inc.
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