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Cafebot — Serving Robot Screen Design

1 Month
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Your friend and partner at a cafe.


Cafebot is a self-driving robot designed to serve visitors at a cafe, providing a unique and innovative experience.


T-Robotics is a Korean self-driving robot company that has been in operation since 2004. They supply robots and systems to global partners through constant investment in robot technology development and mass-production know-how. T-Robotics directly manages a cafe called bot-bot-bot in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, where the Cafebot will be piloted.


Visitors at bot-bot-bot cafe were more attracted to the fun and emotion of robots than to the innovation brought by robot technology itself. Meanwhile, cafe employees preferred robots to operate as partners in collaboration with them rather than replacing their work.

Users & Audience

Cafe visitors and employees.

Roles & Responsibilities

As a UX/UI designer, my role in this project was to design the user interface for the moments when employees interact with robots to deliver coffee to customers and when customers interact with robots to receive coffee. I also helped to build a design system considering the future commercial scalability of robots.

Scope & Constraints

The project scope included designing the optimal user interface for the interaction between cafe visitors and employees with the robot. The constraint was to consider the future commercial scalability of robots.

Outcomes & Lessons

Through our research, we found that visitors wanted a robot that has familiarity and vitality like a friend, and the staff expected the role of a robot like a work partner while providing better workflow. We designed the optimal user interface by analyzing the eye level, movement, and situation when cafe visitors and employees interact with robots. Additionally, we visualized the robot's status by facial expressions, such as when the robot is running or waiting, to express a more intuitive and lively robot to a user.

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Project Process



Collect data by researching the market, users, mission, cultures, values, competitors, products and services.



Analyze data collected to identify strengths and weakness, attributes, opportunities and leverage points.



Define brand positioning, essence, core values, mission and architecture



Rapid prototyping, user-testing, set design principles, design UI elements, design touch-points, and iterate.

For more about the design process, please contact me separately.


Tony Baek
Leader, Designer @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Julie Lee
Designer @ Hi-Fi Design Studio
Yeonki Lee
Manager, Development Team @ Anro, Inc.
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